Yeoman Shores

Yeoman Shores consist of a group of homes along one of the coves on the northern side of the peninsula. It was developed over time and as a result incorporates homes with a range of size, architecture, age and value. It is located on Yeoman lane and looks across the channel at the Queen's Cove Subdivision.

Yeoman Shores

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Yeoman Shores Market Analysis

Yeoman Shores has not had a lot of recent activity with only one sale in the last 3 years. In February, a waterfront home with a cove view water sold in the low 500's.

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Neighborhood Details

  • Yeoman Shores
  • 29 Lots
  • 2,028 to 3,903
  • 1951 to 2005
  • Waterfront & Water view
  • Lake Access Area
  • No
  • Homes For Sale